Tips For Selling On Amazon

If you receive an error message similar to “You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list.”.

This is because Amazon believes that the product that you are trying to list already exists in their catalogue. They want all listings of the same product to be on the same listing, to promote price competition. You simply need to differentiate your product to enable it to be listed. Lets say your seller name on Amazon is Seller 1. End your product title “supplied by Seller1”. Also under manufacturer enter it as “Seller1”.

Protect Your Listing.

You should always aim to protect your own listings to prevent other sellers jumping on them and profiting from your hard work. Use a barcode of your own for the listing, no one else can sell the item other than you as you are the legal owner of the barcode (unless you give them permission to of course). Take a photo of your product and use it for the product listing, as you own the photograph no one else can use it, including on the current listing. Consider branding the listing by using a product title that features your company or brand name eg 12 ft sea fishing Rod sold by Sea Fishing Extreme. No one else can legitimately use this listing as they cannot fulfil the product – ie it has to be provided by you.

Search Terms

These are added or can be edited under each of your product listings. It is essential to choose the right search terms, and is worth amending existing search terms if your products are not selling as well as expected. The easiest way to decide on search terms is to think what you would enter if you were searching for the item in question. For example, if you were selling a sea fishing rod you may use the following search terms. Sea fishing rod, fishing rod, fishing tackle, fishing equipment, sea fishing. It is worth using tools such as those available in Google Adwords to research how often a particular search term is used on the internet. If it is used a lot in Google then the chances are that it will be used a lot on amazon. Popular search terms are certainly worth using for your product search terms.

Individual Listings

It is always better to use a new listing for your product as why should you spend time researching search terms for other sellers to benefit from your work. It is still worth listing your product on other listings, however your researched terms should only be used on your own listing. There are ways to protect your listing as well, to prevent other sellers jumping on your listing and benefiting from your hard work.

Product Name

Use a product name that maximises your visibility on the internet. Try to add product features in etc as long as they are relevant. EG a title of 50” plasma TV model 12345 would perform much better if listed as 50” plasma TV with built in Freeview and DVD player Model 12345.

Fulfillment By Amazon

Fulfillment By Amazon has to be the best option available to help boost your sales. By using this service not only does it seem to increase your visibility but it also improves buyer confidence. Customers know that by using this option that the products are coming direct from Amazon. They know that their order will arrive on time. They know that if any returns issues arrive that they will be dealing direct with Amazon. Also Amazon Prime customers can purchase the item with free P&P making your product even more of a bargain to them.

The benefits of FBA do not stop there. As a seller it means that Amazon hold your stock instead of you needing storage space. Amazon pack the product and dispatch the product for you, saving you time. However the main benefit of using FBA as a seller is the fact that it will probably save you money. Due to the size of Amazon, they command excellent rates on shipping from UK delivery companies. In my experience Amazon shipping rates were always cheaper than any I could achieve from Royal Mail or UK delivery services. This meant my business actually saved money on postage and packaging by using FBA.

Editing A Listing

Do not be afraid to edit a listing if it is not performing as expected. Consider changing the product title, key features or search terms. Check your competitors to make sure that your product is priced competitively. Experiment with search terms until you find the ones that work best for your product.

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