How To Buy A Barcode

Before you buy a barcode, you need to decide how many barcodes you need, as the price per barcode reduces the more barcodes that you buy.

So for an example lets say you only have 1 product, in this example a tin of paint. You have 10000 of the exact same product. In this scenario you only need 1 barcode. You can use the same barcode on an unlimited number of the same product. 

Now, lets say that you offer the tin of paint in 3 sizes – 250ml, 500ml & 1l. In this case, you would need 3 barcodes. A different barcode is needed for each size tin.

To expand it a bit further, lets say that you offer the tin of paint in 3 sizes, each of which are available in 3 colours (red, yellow & blue). Now you would need 9 barcodes, as you would need 1 barcode for each size in each colour. You can still use the same barcode an unlimited number of times on the same product, e.g. a 250ml tin of red paint – if you had 10000 of this product, you would use the same barcode on them all. You would have to use a different barcode on the 250ml blue paint, and another barcode for the 250ml yellow paint.

Now that you know how many barcodes you need you can buy them here.

And as promised – here is the guide on How To Buy A Barcode.

  1. Go to the barcodes for sale page –
  2. In the quantity box enter the number of barcodes you wish to purchase e.g. 50.
  3. Click the Add To Cart Button.
  4. You will now be on the checkout page. Here you can change the quantity if needed. You will also see the total amount payable.
  5. Now click on the Proceed To Checkout Button.
  6. Next you have the option to Check out as a guest, register as a customer or login if you are an existing customer.
  7. We are going to select “Checkout As a Guest” and then click on the Continue Button.
  8. You now need to enter your name and address (these are required so we can keep a record of who owns each barcode).
  9. Click on Continue. Next is the shipping part – Barcodes are sent via email so shipping is free – So just click on the Continue Button.
  10. Now you need to select your payment method. We offer Debit/Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin or Alt Coin. We are going to select Debit/Credit card. Then click Continue
  11. Next you will see a review of your order, showing the number of barcodes ordered and the total amount payable. Now click on the Process Order Button
  12. You will now be redirected to the Secure Sagepay Payment Page. Here you will need to enter your card details etc.
  13. Once finished you will be returned back to the Get A Barcode Website and will see confirmation of your order.
  14. Barcode numbers will be sent to you instantly via email. The artwork will follow shortly afterwards, again by email.

Once you have your barcode(s), you simply need to add them to your products. We have a guide for this, available here.

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