How To Barcode A Product

Adding a barcode to a new product is surprisingly simple. Just follow the steps below and your products will be ready to be sold in retailers that use the barcode system.

1. The first step once you have your product, is of course to get a barcode. Barcodes of course, if needed, can be bought from us here. Once you have your barcode you simply need to decide which one to use. EAN is the standard in the UK and the rest of Europe, however the UPC format will also be accepted. Now you have barcode number, move on to step 2.

2. Now that you have your barcode number, you need to decide how you are going to display it on your product. Realistically there are 2 options. The first is to have it incorporated into your packaging design. If you choose this option and you got your barcodes from us, we recommend using the eps format file that we provided. This is a scalable file. The other option is to use adhesive labels.

This is another service that we offer, details of which can be found here. We offer a range of sizes of self-adhesive labels. There isn’t a set minimum or maximum size for a barcode image. However, a rule of thumb is to ensure that the numbers of the barcode are legible in case a til operator needs to enter the barcode number manually. We find that our 50mm x 35mm are the most popular size. They also allow for the product name to be entered above the barcode image. Now to step 3.

3. Now you have your barcode number and you know how your barcode will be displayed (incorporated into packaging design or adhesive labels), it is time to get this done. So now your product has a barcode displayed on it. As a manufacturer or supplier etc, you are now finished. This is all you need to do and have now added a barcode to your new product.


This is a job for the retailer. Each retailer on initial receipt of your products, will scan them and enter them into their own product databases. They will add the product details and the price at which they sell them. It has to be done this way, as if you supplied 10 retailers, they may want to sell your product at 10 different prices. A barcode itself is just a unique product reference number, it doesn’t contain product details. Once the retailer has added the details to their database, when it is scanned at their tils, the operator will hear the familiar beep and the product details / price will be processed by the til.

He is an example of a product currently available on Amazon, using a barcode and printed label supplied by Get A Barcode. It can be seen at amazon by clicking here.

How to barcode a product
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